Primary Science Sink or Float Activity Set, Blue,Green,Orange,Pink,Red,Yellow


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Get your kids involved with STEM at home with the Primary Resources Sink or Float Activity Set in the bath or a paddling pool or even a bucket for that matter!Included in the set are a 2 piece plastic submarine, 15 weights, 2 balls, 2 stars, (all in different colours and different weights) a raft, 10 activity cards to get your investigations started and an activity guide to record all of your findings. The set can be used alone or in a small group and is a great introduction to problem-solving too.   During their investigations, they are going to be dealing with concepts of physics such as buoyancy, gravity and density and learning the whole time without even realising!Sink or float weight setSTEM kitIncludes activity cardsActivity guide to record findingsLearning without realising