Primary Science Shining Stars Projector, Blue,Green,Purple,Yellow


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Make bedtime or anytime fun with the Primary Science Shining Stars Projector and have the stars and planets on your wall. Designed to give young ones an early interest in science and space it is brightly coloured and chunky to withstand little ones use!The projector will beam an image onto any surface, although using it in a darkened room with a pale coloured flat wall works the best. Set the stand on a table or other flat surface and pop a disk in the slot. Once it clicks it is in place and then press the power button on the back and check out what is on the wall!It comes with 3 disks which can be conveniently stored in the base so they should not get lost. Each disk contains eight images so more than enough for them to learn about and there is a description of each slide in the instructions. also in the instructions are fun facts about space and planets so a great starting point for learning about space. Why not use it as a nightlight? The images will auto shut off after 15 minutes so no need to worry about wasting batteries and they can have a different image each night!Space projector3 disks with 8 images on each Disks are stored in the base Takes 3 AAA batteries (not included) Auto shut off