Pretend and Play School Set, Blue,Green,Purple,Red,Yellow


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Kids love to role play about things they know and understand so they will love playing ‘school’ with the Pretend and Play School Set. If they are not at school yet they can prepare for ‘big school’.The pretend classroom fold into 3 for flat storage but when it is open it has: a map of both the UK and Europe for planning their travels, a wipe clean calendar to keep track of the days, a whiteboard and dry wipe pen for putting today’s lesson on the board, a board eraser for when they are changing subject, a mini classroom bell for signalling playtime, a school clock for time telling activities, a hand pointer (for pointing things out, obviously!) 2 pencils for doing their school work and a huge variety of teaching supplies – 10 pages of stickers, 20 pupil score cards, 20 certificates, 20 note paper pages, 20 worksheets for maths and spelling and 20 homework record sheets, basically everything a budding teacher will even need.When the set is unfolded it measures 96.5 x 40.5cm and is great for play alone or in a group.Pretend school classroom Folds flat for storage Wipe clean boards for repeated use Encourage letter and number recognition Great role play opportunity