Poco Baby Hammock Raw Cotton


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The Poco Baby Hammock will give your baby a familiar sensation of its mother’s womb enabling your baby to relax, rest, and sleep. Many cultures throughout the ages have relied on this technique to comfort and sleep their babies, so baby hammocks are not new or original, they are however, becoming ever more popular in our society. This Hammock has not only been designed to create a safe and perfect sleeping environment, but also to ease symptoms of colic and reflux. It also comes complete with a travel bag so your baby can have their own bed wherever you go. Includes: Frame with components, hammock, mattress, mattress cover, spring, spring cover, cross bar, travel bag, pack of 2 sheets with your 12 month guarantee. Longer Sleep Duration Swaddled environment Helps alleviate Flathead Syndrome Portable & adjustable Replicates the movements babies felt within the womb Great air ventilation Suitable from Birth – 9 months (29lbs)