Playmobil 9007 Advent Calendar Jewel Thief Police Operation


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What a great idea! The brilliant Playmobil Advent Calendar Jewel Thief Police Operation is a fantastic set that your little one can collect during the exciting run-up to Christmas day! Open up a new window every day from the start of December up until (and including) Christmas Eve and build up your brilliant set as you go.Stimulates senses for good imagination developmentRobust materials for years of playSuper scene to help bring playtime to life!All about meThere is a thief in town! He’s trying to burgle the jewellers’ shop and he’s tooled up for the job. smashing his way in, he, raided the jewel cabinet and now he’s trying to break his way into the safe- but he’s been spotted and the local policeman is on his way, riding his motorbike – will he arrive in time to catch the thief? That part of the story is up to your child! The 107 piece set includes windows to open daily so that each part of the story takes shape. It comes with 2 Playmobil figures, equipment for breaking into the shop, such as a crowbar and welding gear, as well as treasure which can be kept in the safe. The safe can be locked using a secret combination, so can also be used for keeping your little one’s pocket money safe. The police officer comes fully equipped too and includes his cool motorbike with a working kickstand. A cardboard play scene is included with the set so you can put a background behind this fun calendar set.Playmobil is an iconic brand, known and loved in over 100 countries across the globe. The wonderful, robust plastic figures and pieces have been inspiring playtime since 1974. Playmobil toys help to stimulate imagination and creativity, promoting children’s development as they role-play, create and experience the world in miniature form.