Playmobil 5399 City Action Family at Check-In


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Another excellent addition to the Playmobil City Action Airport range, the Playmobil City Action Family at Check-In is a fun set of a family of three figures (2 adults and a child) who are about to enjoy a well-earned break. As in real life, the Playmobil Airport must be modern- in place of the old check-in desk, you’ll find a modern kiosk. Insert your check-in card to issue a ticket (it really works and comes with a key to open up the machine and restock the tickets). The 39-piece set also comes with a luggage trolley, a pull-along case, skateboard and other accessories.Playmobil is an iconic brand, known and loved in over 100 countries across the globe. The wonderful, robust plastic figures and pieces have been inspiring playtime since 1974. Playmobil toys help to stimulate imagination and creativity, promoting children’s development as they role-play, create and experience the world in miniature form.Great way to develop little imaginationsRobust materials for years of playMakes playtime come to life!