Playmobil 5393 History Roman Troop


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Straight out of the pages of history comes this special Playmobil Romans and Egyptians series. This Playmobil History Roman Troop is a great little playset that will keep your little one amused for hours. It consists of a troop of fully armed Roman soldiers, all 6 of which have large ‘scutum’ curved shields to protect them from enemy attacks. The Romans were one of the most successful armies in history because of the tight groups they formed to keep each other protected during battles, and with this set, your little one can reenact a part of history, or join them up with another set from the Playmobil Roman and Egyptian sets (sold separately). The set also comes with standing plates to help ensure the soldiers stay standing in formation when required to.Playmobil is an iconic brand, known and loved in over 100 countries across the globe. The wonderful, robust plastic figures and pieces have been inspiring playtime since 1974. Playmobil toys help to stimulate imagination and creativity, promoting children’s development as they role-play, create and experience the world in miniature form.Great way to develop little imaginationsRobust materials for years of playMakes playtime come to life!