Playmobil 5338 City Action Airport with Control Tower


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Ready for lift off! The brilliant Playmobil City Action Airport with Control Tower is a lovely simulation of a typical airport without all the delays! The figures can check in, check their luggage in, go through security and head out of the gate. The airport does NOT come with a plane but can be used in combination with other Playmobil sets such as 5395 City Action Passenger Plane (sold separately).The set comes with a tall control tower where all the comings and goings of aircraft can be monitored safely by the staff in there from their computers. There is also a security check-in complete with an x-ray machine and a scanning wand- just like real life. Bring your suitcases on the luggage trolley to the friendly check-in staff, and the luggage belt can send the cases off out of the terminal building. Then check your departure time on the screens before heading to your gate, it’s a brilliant setting for your little one to experience and explore without the hassle of going to a real airport!Playmobil is an iconic brand, known and loved in over 100 countries across the globe. The wonderful, robust plastic figures and pieces have been inspiring playtime since 1974. Playmobil toys help to stimulate imagination and creativity, promoting children’s development as they role-play, create and experience the world in miniature form.Airport set with figures and control towerMade from robust and colourful child-safe plasticSuitable for children aged 4 years and upSet contains tower, check-in desk, security, luggage belt and accessories