Playfoam Playfoam, Blue,Green,Orange,Purple,White,Yellow


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Designed with parents (and children!) in mind the Learning Resources Playfoam is a mess-free way of allowing your children to sculpt, mould and play without worry that it will get stuck to, or damage fabrics, furniture and carpets. It won’t stick to hands or hair – it’s amazing! Its bead-like structure might look a bit different from the norm but not only is it fun to play with it will never ever dry out! It can be used straight from the box and can be moulded and shaped into anything they can think of.It’s non-toxic so suitable for children as young as 3 and promotes fine motor skills as well as sensory perception. It is available in packs of different size and designs all of which can be can be mixed and matched as your collection grows. Ideal for children ages 3-11, check out the video to see how great it is!