PHOENIX. Grape. Teething silicone nursing necklace. Breastfeeding gift, New Mums gift, mothers day necklace


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Coastal Path Creations Gummy Range is ideal for teething babies and parents! Visit our Website: Find us on Facebook! PHOENIX is a design with spaced out star shaped beads, ideal for allowing little ones to explore. The star shaped beads have had a fantastic response on our Facebook page and are proving to be very popular! The material used to make the Chewy Range is BPA/PVC free silicone. The same material used in many bottle teats, dummies and teethers. It is easy to clean, stylish and very functional! INFORMATION, CUSTOMER CARE AND DISCLAIMER: Coastal Path Creations handmade nursing necklaces are designed for Mums, Dads (yes there are some Daddyfriendly designs!) and Caregivers. They make fantastic fashion accessories and are great for when babies reach the grabby, pinching, fiddling stage. They provide function, style and are very practical. The components used to make our jewellery are tested by an independent UKAS test house for compliance to EN71 23. Strength testing is carried out in house in line with EN711. Each necklace is designed to: Distract babies and toddlers from fiddling, pinching and scratching whilst feeding, being worn, or being carried. Appeal to babies senses, particularly vision and touch, and give them something to focus on. Aid with teething (the Chewy Range) The silicone beads are dishwasher safe, and all beads can be washed with mild soapy water, then left to air dry in a warm place. Necklaces can also be placed in a pocket or net bag and washed with clothes however we take no responsibility for damages that may occur to machinery or necklaces due to washing. DISCLAIMER All of Coastal Path Creations designs are to be worn by adults as items of jewellery. They must only be interacted with whilst being worn by an adult. They are intended to be used only under supervision and are not toys. Please do not leave babies or children unattended with any item. Every effort is made to ensure the safety of products, however Coastal Path Creations will not be held responsible for any injury caused by our products. We recommend regularly checking your necklace for signs of wear and tear, and discontinuing use if there are signs of this.