Pabobo Stars Projector Mimi Bunny


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A soft plush animal and a musical stars projector all in one! Mimi Bunny creates a beautiful starry sky on the bedroom ceiling to soothe children. The plush part is machine washable thanks to the removable projector! Colours change automatically and smoothly from green to blue to orange. Parents can also choose to freeze their favorite colour by pressing the button under the embroidery.These Plush Stars Projectors can also play a gentle lullaby, especially designedby Pabobo to soothe children (2 sound levels). With the beautiful stars projection, this lovely bunny will become a must-have for a peaceful sleep-time. Light and compact, parents can bring them for the week-end or holiday, to keep the sleep routine. This Plush Star Projector is also economical and convenient for parents with its automatic turn off feature.