Pabobo LumiBlo Magic Lantern


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LumiBlo is magical… It turns-on and off with a simple blow! It’s perfect to reassure children at bedtime and to help them find their way in the dark. It’s also useful for parents to keep an eye on thier little ones or feed their babies during the night. Lumiblo’s practical handle can be clipped anywhere, on a parents belt or even on a door. The night light glows softly for one hour and the intensity can be changed with a long breath onto the star. Rechargeable, LumiBlo glows up to a week with a single charge (24 cycles of 1 hour). Its integrated timer turns off the night light after one hour but a short breath turns on again! You can also choose the continuous mode with a simple press. Fun and smart, LumiBlo will be loved by children and parents too!