Pabobo Automatic Nightlight in White


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Pabobo’s automatic night light that comforts little ones in the dark. This wall-mounted nightlight is ideal for sleeping calmly through the night: baby is no longer scared of monsters under the bed and parents can check in without waking anyone up. Reassuring: shines with a soft glow in the dark. Automatic: plug it in and the sensor switches the light on when it gets dark, and off by day. Does not heat and energy efficient (cold LED). From birth (0+) CE. Pabobo designs and markets a whole universe of lights for little ones. All our luminous creations comply to EC Standards and are designed to be handled by children. At Pabobo, we share the same dream: children confidently learning to make Light their own.Features: Reassuring – Shines with a soft glow in the dark Automatic – Turns on and off by itself Intelligent Simple – Just plug it in Portable – Intelligent Long-lasting From birth – (0+) CE Practical Decorative Bright idea by Pabobo