NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set, Clear


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Ensure a drinking experience with a sense of nature with the NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottle and its matching teat which is as close to mother’s breast as ever. With this NUK Nature Sense Starter Set you have an all round carefree package for a relaxed start for you and baby. This set contains: 2 x NUK Nature Sense 150ml baby bottles: The teats on these bottles are similar to a mother’s nipple and have several tiny openings. The bottle is made of high-quality plastic (PP), is BPA-free and hard-wearing. The extra-wide bottle neck means it can be filled and cleaned in no time at all and the protective cap closes all the tiny openings to prevent leakage when mixing formula or when on the move 2 x NUK Nature Sense 260ml bottles 2 x NUK Nature Sense Teats: the multiple tiny openings of NUK teats are modelled on the milk ducts in a mother’s breast, ensuring a familiar drinking experience and a natural flow. The soft zone is gentle on the top of baby’s delicate mouth and the wide lip rest lets your baby latch on in a natural way. The innovative anti-colic vent makes it possible to drink as if from the breast without a pause which helps prevent your baby swallowing air and reduces the risk of colic. 1 x NUK Genius Silicone Soothers: The original NUK shape that is right for the jaw, is modelled on a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding and helps reduce the risk of crooked teeth and a misaligned jaw. The extra-flat baglet enables a natural sucking movement. Thanks to the smooth transition from the teat neck to the baglet, the soother feels familiar and natural for your baby. All NUK Soothers are approved by the Oral Health Foundation. For convenience and hygiene, the soothers comes with a NUK Soother Cover too. 1 x NUK Bottle Brush: The flexible brush head allows for particularly thorough cleaning. Residues that are difficult to reach are easily removed. And thanks to the extra suction brush in the handle, baby’s teats can be cleaned as well.