NUK Nature Sense Medium Hole Size Silicone Teat, Pack of 2, 6-18 months


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A pack of 2 Nature Sense Baby Bottle Size 2 Silicone Teats. A medium size, the innovative new teat has 6 tiny openings – to cater for thicker feeds – instead of just one hole which ensures a smooth and natural flow for your baby. This way your little one feels completely safe and secure and, as a result, can accept the bottle easily. Its several tiny openings have been modelled on the milk ducts of a mother’s breast to ensure a smooth and natural flow and the extra-wide and flexible lip rest lets your baby latch on naturally. The innovative anti-colic vent makes it easy for baby to drink as if from the breast without a need to pause which helps to prevent your baby swallowing air. What’s more, the extra-soft tip of the teat is flexible and adapts to baby’s mouth ensuring a comfortable feed. Approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. For safety and hygiene purposes replace teat after 1-2 months use or sooner should signs of wear appear. Sterilise bottles and teats using steam, cold water sterilisation or a NUK Steam or Microwave Steriliser. Dishwasher sterilisation is not suitable as this can cause material damage. Please note: sterilise all parts for 5 minutes before first use and clean and sterilise thoroughly before each subsequent use. Age suitability: 6-18 months.