NUK Happy Days Silicone Soother Size 1 Pink


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NUK Happy Days Silicone Soother for Girls Size 1 are perfectly designed to keep your little one comforted and calm while at home or out and about. These soothers are 100% BPA free. Promotes healthy jaw and tooth development These are specifically designed with an orthodontic profile that allows it to adapt to the individual shape of your baby’s mouth. helps to exercise the lips, tongue and facial muscles, which promotes the healthy development of teeth and jaw No more red marks The flat shape of NUK’s soothers means there will be no more redness or pressure marks around your baby’s mouth. The shape also keeps the pacifier in his/her mouth and prevents it from easily falling out. No more saliva skin irritations NUK soothers are made with a unique air system and integrated grooves to keep saliva away from your baby’s mouth and prevent skin irritations caused by continual wetness.