New Sprouts Style It!, Blue,Green,Pink,Yellow


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When the kids need to get ready for that important birthday party what could be better than the New Sprouts Style It set? Designed for imaginative play it includes a hairdryer, a mirror, a hairbrush, straighteners, nd a shampoo bottle. as well as a storage bag for them all.Kids can start with the shampoo bottle (it does not open!) and make sure their hair is squeaky clean. Then they can move onto the brush to get those tangles out all the while looking in the mirror. Moving onto the hairdryer to get those lovely locks dry and then onto the straighteners for luscious straight locks – they will love getting ready for that big ‘play date’ at the soft play area!Designed it colourful plastic and soft rubberised PVC the bright colours are attractive to little ones and parents are glad of the storage bag to keep all of the items together.Pretend hairstyling set 6-piece set Made of rubberised PVC and plastic Age 2 years plus Carry bag included