New Sprouts Picnic!, Blue,Brown,Green,Orange,Red,Yellow


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Who doesn’t enjoy a picnic? Your little one can enjoy them all year round, inside and out, with the New Sprouts Picnic! set. The set includes 2 plates each divided into 3 sections, 2 mini hamburgers made up of 3 pieces each, 2 watermelon wedges for that healthy option, 2 cupcakes for a treat, a ketchup and mustard bottle which ‘squirt’ (this is string that comes out when squeezed) and a picnic basket to keep them all in.Let their imaginations run wild while they play and encourage role play which in turn will develop their speech, motor skills and social skills. Designed with New Sprouts’ signature bright colours and crush resistant materials, they are easily washing in the sink with your other dishes.Picnic set 15 pieces For age 2 plus Sauce bottles ‘squirt’ All stores in basket