New Sprouts Brew It!, Blue,Green,Orange,Purple


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What could be better than the kids making you a brew – well a pretend one? They need the New Sprouts Brew it! set. Complete with a coffee percolator, a travel mug and lid, 2 normal mugs, a milk jug, a sugar bowl and 2 spoons along with a plate with 3 cakes; a muffin, a doughnut and a cinnamon roll.Designed in New Sprouts signature bright colours and durable plastic and rubberised PVC it is tough, unbreakable and easy to clean. They can make coffee when you do, play cafe’s, or prepare their coffee for their journey to school or nursery. Easy to clean they can just be washed in the sink with your normal dishes.Coffee and cake set 3 cups 3 cakes Age 2 plus 12 piece set