Nattou Mini Musical Cuddly Toy – Max The Dog, Brown,White


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Whether you are looking for a soft toy for your little one for during the day or at night the Nattou Mini Musical Cuddly Toy offers more than a friend to cuddle up to. Pull the string on the front and the toy will play soothing music – great for settling your little one but also there are no batteries required, so it will not ‘run out’ at an inconvenient time and Nattou have even made the music box waterproof so you can pop it in the wash when it gets dirty! Whether you’re trying to create that perfect look and feel for your nursery or find that snuggly toy that your little one will cherish for years to come, Nattou have a wide range where everyone can find something they’ll love.Easy for little hands to holdTactile fabrics and music to aid developmentMachine washable for practicality