Mutsy Nursery Bag Evo URBAN NOMAD Dark Grey


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Mutsy Nursery Bag Evo URBAN NOMAD Dark Grey. THE PERFECT ACCOMPANIMENT TO THE EVO URBAN NOMAD The rugged look of the Mutsy Nursery Bag Evo URBAN NOMAD is designed to fit in with each fabric style and colour of the Evo pushchair range, whichever fabric you choose. The Urban Nomads, carrying laptops and smartphones, live and work in urban areas. Instead of hiring office space they prefer to drop by a coffee bar to quietly work there. They have a flexible job and are mobile, switching one apartment for the next. They want to discover the world and raise their children in a challenging multicultural environment, prefer to travel by public transport rather than by car, buy recyclable and biologically degradable packages and organise clothing swaps. They read the news and newspapers online. They look for sustainable and mobile solutions, without compromising the comfort and wellbeing of their baby or themselves. Emphasising ergonomics and flexibility, a trendsetting design that is compact, lightweight and easy to store; with natural colours and trendy leather finishing, this URBAN NOMAD edition meets all demands. Including a padded changing mat, pushchair clips and a variety of pockets for all your baby accessories, as well as an adjustable carrying strap so you can carry over your shoulder or simply sling across the back of the pram, this is an essential product for life on the go with your little one. Stylish changing bag Includes changing mat and carry strap Multiple internal compartments Adjustable carry strap Option to increase capacity using zippered extension