Momsense The Smart Breast Feeding Meter


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Meet Momsense, The Smart Breast Feeding Meter, a revolutionary wearable product designed for nursing mothers. Momsense allows you to nurse your newborn in the most natural way possible, while monitoring and measuring your baby’s milk intake in real time, breastfeeding has never felt easier! The Momsense app will provide real time reports as well as create a feeding diary, with volume & weight progress, detailed breastfeeding tips and even a unique vocal album.  Listen to the sweet sounds of your baby nurse with our unique mommy earphones and see your baby’s swallows on the app screen. What it does: Measures the amount of milk baby consumes. Monitors baby’s swallowing sounds during nursing. Tracks baby’s feeding patterns overtime. Supports tracking of baby’s weight. Provides detailed breastfeeding tips. Keeps recordings of swallowing sounds, and enables you to share them with family and friends. Creates a unique baby album, including audio recordings, a photo gallery, and a history of baby’s feeding and growth.