Micro Scooters Scooter Windmill, Pink,White


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Make your child’s scooter really special with this wonderful Micro Scooters Windmill accessory! The beautiful, durable windmill adds a touch of whimsy to their scooter, turning round and round as they travel.Durable accessory, built to lastCan also be used on bicyclesQuick and easy attachmentAll about meAttaching to the stem of the Micro Scooter with a hard-wearing, secure clip, the windmill is made from strong plastic with a colourful design to make your child’s scooter really stand out. This windmill accessory can be clipped onto the Micro Scooters 3 in 1, Mini, Maxi and Micro Sprite scooters. It’s a fun idea for a gift and helps make their scooter as unique as they are. Stand out from the crowd with a range of scooter accessories which include lights, ribbons, bells and matching helmets (all other accessories sold separately).