Micro Scooters Ribbons


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Add a flurry of colour to your little one’s scooter with the brilliant Micro Scooters Scooter Ribbons! These durable ribbons are weatherproof, and simple to attach to your Micro Scooter- just plug them into the handlebar! The ribbons are suitable for use with Micro Scooters Mini and Maxi, robust enough to withstand the weather so can bring joy for longer and are a stylish accessory to match the Micro Scooter range.  Each ribbon is 23cm long and they are sold as a pack of 30 strands. Other accessories available include ribbons, windmills, baskets, lights and more to personalise your child’s scooter (all accessories are sold separately).Help your child personalise their ride!Fabric straps are robust and won’t frayWaterproof for many years of use