Micro Scooters Pull & Carry Strap, Blue


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Picture the scene; you’re taking a little stroll on a summer’s day, your little one is scooting happily by your side. After a while, you hear those familiar words- “Mummy, my legs are tired”. You can’t blame them, little legs tire easily, especially when scooting. But now your little one is fed up and doesn’t want to go any further. You could take their hand and walk, sure, but what do you do with the scooter? Tuck it under your arm? Well, with the Micro Scooters Pull & Carry Strap, getting tucked-out toddlers and their gear home is a breeze.Keep your child close by as you travelHelps to get your tired toddler homeFabric strap is strong, flexible and washableAll about meLoop the strong strap around the handlebars of their scooter and simply pull them along home instead! It’s brilliant for guiding your little one through crowded streets, keeping them close by. The strap is also great when used as a carrying strap for the scooter and can be used with any Scooter or trike. It’s made from a strong yet flexible fabric that can be washed to keep the cool colours looking bright too.