Micro Scooters Mini2Go Deluxe Plus Scooter, Pink


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Superbly engineered and fully adaptable, the Micro Scooters Mini2Go Deluxe Plus Scooter is a smart way to travel for children aged 18 months all the way up to 5 years old! Changing easily between its multiple modes, the Mini2Go is the ultimate in scooting design!Let’s start off with the earliest configuration: stage one. From 18 months you can use the Mini2Go as a ride-on scooter with a removable drawer (or without it as required) which can be used for keeping toys, bottles, nappies or other essentials inside. Within the drawer is a light which can be removed and simply used as a buggy light, depending on your preference. Your little one can hold on and scoot along themselves using their feet to propel them, or they can rest and let you push by the steering pole.When your little one is around 2 years old, you can remove the storage drawer and seat, leaving the handlebar at it’s lowest height. The scooter is designed with a ‘lean to steer’ system so the handlebar won’t turn and helps your little one to develop their balance and coordination. As your child grows, you can extend the handlebar all the way up to 59cm, perfect all the way up to school age! This deluxe scooter is super lightweight at just 3.75kg, and can be folded so it’s easy for your little one to get up and down curbs and just as easy for you to transport the scooter when it’s not in use.Micro Scooters are a Swiss company who specialise in fun and precision engineered products using only the finest parts and that well-known Swiss design and engineering. Their products are expertly crafted and durable, having to undergo a gauntlet of tests to ensure they can withstand the test of time as well as the pressure of your child taking on the world.4 in 1 scooterWeighs just 3.75kg and can hold children up to 36kg Includes removable under seat drawer and lightAdjustable handlebar height between 43-59cmSuitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years