Micro Scooters Lunch Bag Retro Rockets


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Worn as a rucksack or attached to the front of your child’s scooter, the Micro Scooters Lunch Bag is a great way for your little one to take their own lunch or belongings with them.Insulated foil lining to keep food & drinks coolZipped closure for securityCan be used as a rucksack too!All about meAttaching to the handlebars of your Micro Scooter with 2 strong adjustable straps, the bag is durable, made from waterproof 100% polyester fabric with an insulated foil lining which helps keep any food and drink inside cool for longer. The colourful design also makes your child’s scooter really stand out. The bag has a 2.3-litre capacity, and with your child’s weight as a counterbalance, a full bag won’t topple the scooter or impair it’s performance when attached. Wipe the bag with a damp cloth to keep it clean and adjust the straps to fit your child if they want to wear it as a backpack. This cool accessory can be attached to all Micro Scooters as well as different branded scooters. It’s a fun idea for a gift and helps make their scooter as unique as they are. Stand out from the crowd with a range of scooter accessories which include lights, ribbons, windmills, bells and matching helmets (all other accessories sold separately).