MAM Replacement Teat


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With the patented Silk Teat the MAM Teats are perfectly suited to bottle feeding exclusively or switching between bottle and breast. Babies love MAM teats as they are designed to be soft and familiar, just like mum’s skin. With a 94% acceptance rate, most babies take to them with no problems leaving both mum and baby relaxed. The clear silicone teat looks more hygienic, it’s odourless, tasteless and does not age.Available in 5 sizes; the Size 1 (Slow Flow) is suitable for birth onwards, the Size 2 (Medium Flow) for two months onwards, the Size 3 (Fast Flow) for four months onwards, Size X (Cross Cut) for six months onwards and thicker liquids and the Non-Spill teat is ideal for older babies attempting to self-feed.The symmetrical shape makes it easy to feed and the air valves prevent the teat from collapsing and gives an even drinking flow.