Learning Resources Word on the Street, Blue,Grey


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Have fun whilst learning with the Learning Resources Family Fun Word on the Street game. Split into teams (minimum 1 player per team) and take turns to try to capture 8 letters first. Each team take turns to pick a card from the deck and then brainstorm an answer before the timer runs out. There are 2 levels of category – orange cards are more challenging than the blue ones. Once a word has been decided on you move the corresponding tiles towards your team, the first to get 8 letters off the board wins. The game is aimed at ages 10 years old all the way to adults and is perfect for a family game night although younger children can get involved keeping charge of the timer, assisting in thinking of words and flipping over the cards, it will be surprising how quickly they will get involved. The game develops vocabulary, spelling and communication and works alongside the National Curriculum. This is the older version of the game and has consonants only, there is also a junior version with vowels included to make it slightly easier for younger children.Literacy game for the whole family2 levels of difficultyAnswer before the timer runs outIdeal for ages 10 to adultFrom 2 – 8 players