Learning Resources Word Building Dominoes, Blue,Green,Yellow


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A twist on the traditional game but the Learning Resources Word Building Dominoes are a great way to incorporate learning into play. The Word Building set has 200 colour-coded dominoes featuring prefixes (green), Root words (yellow) and suffixes (blue) and they measure 2 x 4.5cm.There are so many games you can play, check out the activity guide tab for more ideas but you can play ‘standard dominoes’ where a tile is placed down and then a prefix or suffix can be added, or place all the tiles in the middle of the table and give the child(ren) a specified amount of time to make as many words they can, this promotes independent, skill-building learning.Ideal for children from the age of around 6 years old that are starting their journey through the English language. Word building dominoes Colour-coded for prefix or suffix Many games to play Age 6+ 200 dominoes in a handy carry case