Learning Resources Tot Bot Builder, Blue,Orange,Red,Yellow


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Help children develop their fine motor skills with the Learning Resources Tot Bot Builder. Whilst they are developing these skills they can also build upon their knowledge of colours, numbers and shapes.They start with the robot’s feet and then add each of the nuts in turn. Each nut is a different shape either triangle, circle, pentagon, square or rectangle, a different colour either purple, yellow, green, orange or red and has a number 1-5 printed on it. It also comes with an easy to hold wrench to help those little hands tighten up the nuts and improve those fine motor skills. The robot, when fully built measures 20cm high. The toy also fits with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework both in the maths area and physical development. Robot building toyBuilds on colour recognitionFits EYFS frameworkImproves fine motor skillsStarts on shape recognition