Learning Resources Time Tracker 2.0, Blue,Green,Red,Yellow


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Does your child get distracted while doing things? Then a visual timer may be the thing to keep them on track. The Learning Resources Time Tracker 2.0 uses lights and sounds to encourage them to focus and complete their task, whether that be homework or chores or anything else you can think of!The tracker has 3 light sections, red, yellow and green; these can be set to change at whatever intervals you wish but there is also an auto function which allocates 80% of the time input to the green section, 15% to the yellow and 5% to the red – these all also have alarms which go off as each colour changes to warn your child audible as they concentrate. It features 6 sound effects as well as 180o viewing and a clear easy to read LCD display. You can also adjust the volume and pause it too (maybe for a toilet break!). It requires 3 AA batteries to function (not included) but an AC adapter can be purchased separately.Time tracker to visualise timeLights and sound alertsTimer can be set in1 second incrementsMeasures 20 x 8.5cmManual or auto function