Learning Resources Robot Face Race Game, Grey,Red


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The race is on to find the matching robot head. The mad professor has scattered his robot heads all over the floor and he needs your help to match them up. Fun for all the family the Learning Resources Robot Face Race Game is fast paced and fun – all without batteries or electronics!Shake the cleverly designed randomiser to determine the colour of head, eyes, nose and mouth you need to find and the race is on to find it first out of the 120 combinations on the board – first to find it gets a token and first to 5 tokens wins. There are 4 facial features to match, with 5 possible colours to choose from and to top it all of the heads are orientated in different directions. Easy? I don’t think so!Designed to sharpen visual discrimination (a pre-reading skill) and to assist sequencing and working memory, kids are learning whilst having fun.Matching game Unique randomiser – no batteries required Whole family fun 2-4 players Ideal for ages 4 years plus