Learning Resources Picture Link Bingo, Blue,Green,Purple,Red


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A twist on the original game of bingo the Learning Resources Picture Link Bingo is a great game to play and relies on matching, linking and memory. Players take it in turns to turn over the top card on the pile and check to see if the item associated with it is on their game card. If it is they grab it and put it on their playing card, the first to create a straight line of 3 in any direction wins. There are 2 levels to play this game at.The instructions also have an alternative way to play which incorporates the traditional matching game. All the picture cards are placed face down and each player takes it in turns to turn over two. If they fit on your game card (one or both) you take them, if not you turn them over, but can the other players remember where they are?? In this game, the first to fill the whole cards wins. Kids of all ages (yes we are talking about the parents!) will love to play this game.Twist on bingo using pictures 2-4 players Word association 2 levels 2 different ways to play