Learning Resources Pancake Pile-Up Matching Relay Race Game, Blue,Red,Yellow


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What could be more fun than being a ‘server’ in a diner? Well, kids can have the chance to do that whilst learning with the Learning Resources Pancake Pile-Up Matching Relay Race Game. Separate into two teams, place the pancakes on the griddle and place the plates on the other side of the room (or a distance to suit the age and dexterity of the children). Each team gets an order card and then they have to serve the order. Taking it in turns within their team they select the correct pancake from the order card and transport it on the spatula to the plate, this continues until the order is complete and the fastest team wins. While they are busy playing ‘restaurants’ they are developing their balance and coordination, as well as getting some exercise, building their teamwork skills, and following directions and sequencing.Perfect for the whole family to get involved in, ideal for ages 4 years and upwards and for 2 or more players.Pancake relay game Stack pancakes in order Develops balance and coordination Age 4 plus Improves memory