Learning Resources Magnetic Counting Vehicle Puzzles, Blue,Green,Orange,Purple


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Not only do the Learning Resources Magnetic Counting Vehicle Puzzles help children with their numeracy skills, they also help them with problem-solving as the pieces fit together to make different vehicles. In the set, there are 15 magnetic pieces which make up 5 ‘puzzles’. The first puzzle only consists of one piece (the train) and after that, there is a 2 piece (the boat), a 3 piece (the plane), a 4 piece (the dumper truck) and a 5 piece (the car).Not only are they improving their fine motor skills while they are placing the pieces together, they are counting and recognising numbers too. Completed puzzles measure 10cm wide. Pop these on your fridge as something to keep the little ones busy while you are cooking!Magnetic Puzzles15 pieces in total5 ‘puzzles’Improves number recognitionDevelops fine motor skills