Learning Resources Latch and Learn School House, Blue,Green,Orange,Purple,Red


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Keep you child entertained for hours with the Learning Resources Latch and Learn School House. There are 5 windows to choose from, all of which are numbered to help with number recognition and counting. Each window has a latch of some kind which has to be tackled to be able to open the shutters to see what is inside. Inside each window is a room setting, coloured to match the shutters. Also included in the set are 5 ‘people’ – a teacher and 4 students, all of which are colour coded too, will they put them in the matching room or will they mix it up??At the top of the school house is a clock which has movable hands, perfect for learning to tell the time. It has different coloured hands to explain the difference between hours and minutes. All the time your little one is playing with this they will not realise they are learning – numbers and colours and developing their fine motor skills when they are opening and closing the locks. School house with latch openings Carry handle 5 different latches to master Clock with movable hands Develops fine motor skills