Learning Resources Buy It Right Shopping Game, Blue,Green,Grey,Red,Yellow


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Yet again Learning Resources have got the right balance between a fun game and teaching things while they play with the Buy It Right Shopping Game. Designed to teach children about money and financial awareness the game uses realistic looking play money so it has a connection to the real life shopping. There are 3 different levels to play so no matter if they are just starting to understand the concept of money or they are a bit more advanced and it’s about adding up the amount they are spending and giving or getting the correct change. Also included on the game board is an ATM square so you can get more cash and a donate to charity square so they can start to understand concepts of real life. The winner is the first person to fill their shopping trolley. The game needs at least 2 people to play but can be up to 4. Have a look at the instructions on the tab above for a more detailed description of the levels of play.Educational board game Teaches concepts of financial awareness Uses realistic money 3 different levels of difficulty Introduces concept of buying low and selling high