Learning Resources Brownie Match Game, Blue,Brown,Yellow


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The brownies have cooked and cooled and are ready for matching fun. The Learning Resources Brownie Match Attribute Game is designed to develop early numeracy skills whilst having fun!The game starts by putting the delicious looking brownies in the ‘pan’ sprinkle side up, then the first player spins the spinner and they then need to pick a brownie piece and ‘flip’ it over. If the number on the bottom matches they put it on their ‘plate’ if not it goes back and play passes to the next person – the trick to the game is to remember which piece is which number as the game progresses. The first person with a full plate wins. Watch out for the burnt brownie – you will need to return one of your brownies to the pan. Designed for age 4 and upwards and for 2 to 4 players it aims to develop memory skills, matching, number recognition, basic counting and motor skills. Memory game Spinner not a dice Age 4 plus Develops hand-eye coordination 2-4 players