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Practice adding up quickly with the Learning Resources 10 on the Spot Making Ten Maths Game. Cute ladybirds are your playing board and there are 6 of them allowing up to 6 players to take part. Place all of the black spots (black side up) in the middle of the playing area. Then take turns in turning 1 spot over; does that number add up to 10 when matched with a number on your playing board? If so, grab it quickly and place it black side up on your board to give a ladybird back their spot – but be quick, someone else might want that number!There are 2 levels of play, one side of the ladybirds has the number as well as ten-frames for the children to match against whilst the other side is just numbers for the more confident player. Players can be mixed levels in the game, it does not affect play. The person who wins is the one who returns all the spots to their ladybird first.