Lamaze Play & Grow Tilly Twinklewings, Pink


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Loved by babies, Lamaze Play & Grow Tilly Twinklewings is set to become a favourite for your little one. The bright, bold colours and patterns help to stimulate your babies vision, and its mixture of soft and crinkle materials help develop their sense of touch.The front hooves are a solid plastic that, when played with, can make a ‘clip clop’ sound that will amuse your baby no end and stimulate their auditory skills. A ring on top of Tilly means you can bring her with you wherever you go, can be held by your infant or clipped to a stroller, car seat, play gym or high chair.We’re sure that your little one will enjoy this toy. I mean, with its long, flowing mane, multiple textures, clip clop hooves and satin ribbons, how could you not?Pink unicorn toyDifferent colours, fabrics and sounds for sensory developmentPlastic front hooves for an amusing ‘clip clop’ soundHook on top for holding, attaching to stroller