Lamaze Play & Grow Captain Calamari, Blue,Green,Red,Yellow


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One of our favourites, the Lamaze Play & Grow Captain Calamari is a beautifully made and brightly coloured octopus pal!The captains’ eight legs have interesting textures help baby’s grip and grab to refine their motor skills and various features like a mirrored underbelly and teething toy help to stimulate your baby from birth. The different rattles, crinkles and squeaks help to develop auditory skills. Plus his sturdy attachment ring means that he can come with you and baby on any journey.Captain Calamari is a lovable soft and squidgy pirate octopus that we’re sure your little one will enjoy setting sail on adventures with! Arrrrrgh!Soft and friendly octopus toyBrightly coloured multi-sensory stimulation for your infantMirrors, rattle ball, squeakers and rings for developmentPerfect present for newborns