Kub Calm Cotbed Mattress 70 x 140cm


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The Kub Calm baby cotbed mattress is designed to offer a safe, healthy and natural sleeping environment helping your baby to sleep. Every parent knows that sleep is vital to baby’s health and development, and a good night’s sleep starts with a great mattress. Kub’s premium range of comfortable, safe and hygienic baby cot bed mattresses have been created with your child’s future in mind. We are here to help getting your baby to sleep.Cover: 100% polypropylene cover that is water-resistant, hypo-allergenic and breathable, it is also removable and washable at 60 degreesCore: 100% foam who’s open porosity allows for full breathability and support.Offers a safe, healthy and natural sleeping environment for babyComplies with BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 and BS1877-10:2011+A1:2012How to choose the best baby cot bed mattress?Babies benefit from having a comfortable supportive mattress in their early years during periods of spinal growth.Buy New: Always buy a new mattress for each new baby. Apart from the obvious hygiene benefits, a second-hand mattress may well have been compressed by the previous baby’s weight and so will not provide the firm, supportive and comfy surface your baby needs at this time.Firm: Choose a mattress that feels firm rather than soft as your baby needs to be properly supported when asleep.Right Fit: Always check the fit. Assemble the cot first then measure the mattress. The gap between mattress and cot should be no more than 3 cm to prevent tiny arms and legs from getting trapped.Optimum Support: Look for a mattress that is at least 10 cm thick – anything thinner than this won’t provide enough support for baby’s head, neck and spine.