Kiddicare Sleepy Moon Coolmax Spring Cot bed Mattress 140 x 70cm


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Why buy me? The Sleepy Moon mattress has traditional open coil springs for good postural support. The removable top cover has COOLMAX technology to keep your baby cool and underneath is a practical waterproof layer that can be slept on whilst the top cover is being washed. About me Open coil spring continental cot mattress Traditional mattress springs for good postural support Comfort layer for gentle cushioning COOLMAX fabric technology to keep baby cool Quilted, removable zipped cover machine washable at 60℃ Waterproof wipe clean inner cover that can be slept on while the top cover is in the laundry 140 x 70cm Want to learn more? The Sleepy Moon mattress is made with durable traditional open coil springs to give good postural support for your baby and is longer lasting than foam. The open coil springs are arranged in rows that are connected to one another on the top and bottom by a spiral wire to give stability to the mattress and extra support for your baby. The springs are topped with a comfort layer to give a cushioned sleeping surface for added comfort. COOLMAX technology in the soft quilted fabric mattress cover draws moisture away from your baby’s skin to help keep your precious one cool while they sleep peacefully. The zipped top cover is removable for easy washing at 60℃; the optimum temperature for killing dust mites and bacteria to keep the mattress hygienically clean. Underneath the removable cover is a practical waterproof layer that your baby can sleep on while the outer cover is in the laundry. I come with Removable top cover 12 month guarantee Extra details All Kiddicare brand products are designed and tested to the very latest European safety standards. We know you’ll put our products through their paces, so we’ve made sure they’re ready! For hygiene reasons we can’t accept returns on opened mattresses. Complies with BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012 and BS7177:2008. The mattress should have a gap of no more than 1.5cm around the outside when fitted in the cot bed.Price reduced from £64.99 on 24/07/2017