Kickmaster Ultimate Football Challenge, Black,Yellow


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If you have a potential Gareth Bale on your hands, then they will want to practice every waking hour. The Kickmaster Ultimate Football Challenge set will give them everything they need to get the practice in. Firstly, there is a games manual comprising of 20 different games and activities for them to do. Next, there is a sturdy steel goal which measures 121 x 91cm (or 4ft x 3ft for those who prefer) along with a size 4 training ball. To allow training on their own there are also 3 free kick figures so they can practice their set pieces and shooting skills along with 4 flexi training cones to practice dribbling. Also included in the set are 6 passing target hoops which cleverly transform into a chipping target zone. Complete football training kit Goal and size 4 ball Games manual Equipment for practising Suitable for ages 5+