Keel Toys Tibetan Mastiff – 35cm


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Tell me who loves soft toys? – yes who loves soft toys? – and the answer would be amazingly – @@WE all love toys@@ Yes! we all loves soft toys no matter the age or sex east or west soft toys are cutely huggable and loveable a soft toy is bound to be an instant hit with any child and be their everlasting companion With so many to choose from at there@@s something for all and every occasion – whether you are looking for a traditional soft teddy or for a cute rabbit even the loving puppy you@@ll be sure to find in them a best friend forever All soft Keel Toys are made from luxury supersoft high quality fabrics suitable for children one year and over This product – Keel Toys Tibetan Mastiff – 35cm with EAN – is supplied by Keel Toys Limited.