Joolz Geo2 Earth Mono & Footmuff – Hippo Grey


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Complete comfort and ease for every family adventure Ergonomic, comfort and ease in a premium, positive and timeless Dutch design. The Geo offers complete comfort and ease for every family adventure. With the new Joolz Geo pushchair you’re prepared for everything. A trip to the grocery store or a picnic in the park? The easy-access, removable XXL basket holds all your shopping and more. A new baby or twins? The Joolz Geo will simply grow with your family while remaining compact and manoeuvrable, which is handy on the bus, in the park or when you go shopping. Taking the car? In just one motion, the Joolz Geo folds up in one, compact piece. That’s right, with the Joolz Geo you are ready for every family adventure. Features: – Super smooth folding and a one-piece fold – In one motion, the Joolz Geo is folded. Even with two seats it is a one-piece fold. The transport lock makes sure it stays compact and folded. Easy-peasy! – Easy-access, removable XXL basket – Shopping, picnicking, or a trip to the playground: the easy-access, removable XXL basket carries it all. Heading to the market? All your groceries will easily fit. – Easy to manoeuvre – In any configuration, the Joolz Geo can easily be steered with just one hand in small shops, narrow alleys or on the underground. – Ultra-light and puncture-proof tyres – The tyres are made of ultra-light rubber foam, and are 100% puncture-proof so you’ll never be stranded with a flat. – Upright, open harness with magnetic buckle – Because the harness stays upright in an open position, the Joolz Geo receives your child with open arms. Thanks to the magnetic buckle, your baby is seated quickly and safely. – Future- & twin-proof – Handy to know that you can easily extend the Joolz Geo, if a second baby or twins come along, while remaining compact and manoeuvrable. One design fits every family situation – XL sun hood with air-top – To protect your baby from the warm sun, our extended sun hood offers shade. The air-top ensures your baby gets fresh air and is in contact with you. – Three ergonomic seat positions both parent and world facing – The improved seat provides ultimate lying and sitting comfort. The seat is reversible. Your little one can look freely into the world, or face you instead. – High cot and seat – When seated in a restaurant, just pull your little one up to the table. So, you’ll never have to bend too far for a cuddle. Your back will thank you for that. – Breathable mattress – We’d all like to sleep on something like that: a spacious cot with a breathable mattress. – Adjustable handlebar- Mums and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, and not forgetting the babysitter: they can all walk with a straight back and comfortable stride. – Compact size- In the lift, on the underground or navigating a narrow aisle. With a width of just 60 cm you stay nippy and mobile, even with two kids on board – Four-wheel suspension- This is the four-wheel drive of pushchairs. You can push it over bumps and forest trails while your child sleeps soundly. – Premium award-winning Dutch design- Designed in The Netherlands. A streamlined chassis, crafted details, leatherette touch points and sophisticated fabrics. All you have to do, is add your baby. Age Suitability: Birth – 15kg (per seat) Approx The underside of this footmuff has been finished with an anti-mud layer, keeping the footmuff nice and clean, and your child nice and warm. Features & Benefits: – Anti-mud layer – Dummy/teething ring compartment – Cocoon hood – Magnets to fold the front over the bumper bar – Can be used as a comfortable seat liner – Windproof zips – Anti-slip attachment straps – Matching Joolz Day2 collections