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Encourage your children to learn using technology that does not require them to be looking at a screen! The Hot Dots Let’s Learn Sets allow them to do just that. Read the question and choose one of the multiple choice answers. Next to each answer is a black dot, all of which look exactly the same. Place the pen on the relevant dot and a correct answer will show a green light on the pen as well as an affirming comment but pick the wrong answer and get a red light and a message to try again. Each set contains 192 learning activities in 3 books and a talking pen. Spiral bound books mean it is easy to see each page clearly and the books measure 20 x13cm. Have a look at the sample activities shown on the sample tab.The maths book covers addition, subtraction and telling the time and the phonics book covers letter sounds, first words and vowel sounds.Please note the pen may vary.Interactive learning set 3 books and 1 pen per set 192 activities per set Spiral bound books Pen requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)