Horrible Science Blood Bones and Body Bits


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Calling all budding Biologists! Ever wanted to create a bulging bag of brains, squirt blood through a heart and make a bottom burp machine? Well, now you can do these things and many more grim and gruesome experiments with the Horrible Science Blood Bones and Body Bits kit.This kit has plenty of bits and pieces for 5 sickening body experiments as well as a notebook containing secrets from three horrible scientists. You can check out bulging brains, disgusting digestion and some super squishy science. All you need is this weird and wonderful kit, some odds and ends that you should be able to find around the home and your own brilliant body. Science has never been so horrible!This is a perfect gift for children 8 and over and should be used under the direct supervision of an adult.CONTAINS• Plastic brain-shaped mould• Plastic heart model and two heart tubes• Red and green food colouring• Zip-lock plastic bag• Plaster of Paris• Stereoscope• Wooden stick• Balloon• Funnel• A3 Colour ‘Gruesome Guts’ poster• 28-page Top Secret Lab Notebook