Hauck Ride On 123-Hearts (New 2018)


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Three products in one. Ride On 1-2-3 is a true all-rounder. It provides countless options to keep your little one busy, first as a mobile play center, then as a walker and later as a ride-on. Great fun. Fun is pre-programmed with Ride On 1-2-3. It supports your child as they take their first steps and promises pure entertainment. At the same time, it supports development of motor skills. Learning to walk made easy. With Ride On 1-2-3, your child can get going at just 6 months and start his or her first ‘walking or driving lessons’. The ‘cockpit’ looks almost exactly like the inside of mom or dad’s car. There is a steering wheel, two mirrors, large green indicators and, of course, a horn. Your child can start driving by him or herself and practicing straightaway. The colorful buttons on the play element encourage children to try them out. Pressing activates the ‘radio’ that plays different children’s songs. To parents’ delight, the music module can simply be removed. Little snacks can then be served in its place. Safe and comfortable. Your child always travels safely with Ride On 1-2-3, because this play center has been fitted with six stoppers and two rollers with non-slip rubber bands. The soft, padded seat with high backrest guarantees that your little one will also travel in comfort. Children grow up. Once he or she has mastered walking, your child can try out the walker. Ride On 1-2-3 converts easily, buy removing the seat element. This reveals two handles for your little one to firmly hold. 2x height-adjustment means that Ride On 1-2-3 adapts easily to your child’s height. At long last. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. It’s finally time for your little treasure to try out the ride-on. Now it’s just a matter of climbing on, driving off and having fun. Features: Mobile play center, walker and ride-on – three products in one Entertainment for your child Supports development of your child’s motor skills Multi-functional play element with music With